Optimize your website.

Set-up your email funnel.

Refine your digital strategy.

Book a power hour with me to go over the roadblocks that are stopping you from up-leveling in your business.


What is included with your power hour

Every business and it's needs are unique. Digital branding challenges can span from figuring out how to optimize your website for SEO, getting started on setting up your email funnel or needing help with your social media and content strategy.

60 Minute Live Video Chat

An hour-long zoom video chat going over one specific struggle that you're facing.

Written Summary

A written summary of everything we discuss in the call along with a checklist of action items.

Email Support

Two days of email support to ask any questions or clarify any points that you are confused about.

Areas of Focus

These are the most common challenges that we address in Power Hours

Website optimization for SEO as well as design and branding refinements for maximum impact

Setting up an email funnel and creating an easy to implement and high converting content marketing plan

Instagram & content creation strategy to create consistency and an engaged community.

Who Am I?

Hi friend! I'm Hafsa and I help mom entrepreneurs build and grow digital content businesses so they can make money on their own terms.

With my background in digital marketing, content strategy and my in-depth knowledge of social media and specifically Instagram strategy, I can help you address the challenges you most commonly face in your business.

I've been featured in places like Mind your Business podcast with James Wedmore, a speaker at the Online Business Summit, the Purpose Drive Mompreneur Summit and so much more.

Book a power hour to see how I can help you optimize and grow your online business.

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